DPPdrivingDräger shared its expertise on the facts, the law and the implications of drink and drug driving at SHE 2015 including highlighting the more than 8,390 people injured due to drink driving in the past year.

During Health and Safety Week, delegates learned that 1,360 people were killed or seriously injured because of impaired driving across the UK during 2013 – with a cost of £1.6million to society for a fatality.

As well as learning the key statistics, delegates at the Safety and Health Expo 2015 [Excel, 18 June] also learned how to implement a company drug and alcohol policy, the rationale behind drug and alcohol testing and about the various methods available in a presentation by Mark Burrup, Dräger Regional Application Manager, and Sgt Chris Appleby from Thames Valley Police.

Speaking on the issue of drug driving, Burrup said: “The recent legislation changes are part of a wider policy to crack down on the menace of drug driving. This is a serious offence and the consequences can be devastating – with scores of people killed or injured on our roads every year because of drug drivers.

“A lot still needs to be done in terms of education about the changes in law and what it means for individuals, businesses and for society. Even people with prescribed medication need to be aware of the drug drive limits and if they are in any doubt whatsoever, they should consult their doctor.”

Delegates also heard from Sgt Appleby that drug users are more likely to drive under the influence than alcohol users – and more often. Men are 3.5 times more likely to drive under the influence of drugs than women.

To find out more about the Dräger DrugTest, visit: www.draeger.com/sites/en_uk/Pages/Alcohol-and-Drug-Detection/Draeger-DrugTest-5000.aspx