Research commissioned by the Local Government Association have revealed that seven per cent of people in England do not have a smoke alarm in their home.

Statistics show that one in three fires are in buildings without an alarm and fire service have urged all homeowners to ensure they have a working alarm fitted to avoid their house becoming "a potential fire death trap".

LGA Fire Services Management Committee Chairman Brian Coleman said: It is shocking that more than a million homes in England do not have a smoke alarm installed.

"A working smoke alarm can make the difference between life and death and should be seen as every bit as essential as a lock on the front door.

"We would urge anyone who hasn't got one fitted already to make sure they are not needlessly putting themselves at risk of the death and destruction fire can cause by getting in touch with their local fire authority and requesting a home safety check."

With the survey also showing that people aged 18-24 are twice as likely to not have a working smoke alarm, finding ways to make the smoke alarm message more widely know is a key topic on the agenda at the LGA's two-day fire conference and you can get up-to-minute coverage of everything that happens by following:

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