The plan to slash arson attacks in Denaby, a suburb of Doncaster, has reduced arson incidents by 80% since last year. Between March and July 2011 the South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue service has attended just seventeen deliberate fires, compared to almost a hundred between March and July 2010. Of these fires, none were reported at Denaby Craggs, a troublesome area of arson up to this year, and the epicentre of this year's fire problems.

 The plan consists of a controlled land burn of grass and foliage at Denaby Craggs, a popular target for arsons in the area. It was backed up by door-to-door leafleting, delivering anti-arson education packages in school and carrying out joint arson cycle patrols with South Yorkshire Police.

 Earlier this year, it was revealed that arsons in the area had cost £87 million of taxes since 2006. Fire officers are reinforcing to residents the need to stay vigilant against arson. S.Y.F.R. station manager Tony Carlin said "Our arson reduction teams have worked incredibly hard to improve the lives of residents living close to Denaby Craggs, which we were visiting several times a day at the height of last summer's arson attacks. New initiatives, like the controlled burn, can have a big impact by removing the things which arsonists target in the first place." Doncaster Councillor Cynthia Ransome also commented: "This is another good example of partners working together to make sure residents are kept as safe as possible.

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10:15, 21/07/11, Henry Bennett