An articulated car transporter carrying eight top of the range Mercedes cars overturned on the M25 at Waltham Abbey last week. Police closed a short section of the motorway directly above junction 26 on the anti-clockwise side, as the high end cars which had fallen from the transporter littered the road.

mercedesTN1Firefighters were deployed to the scene, to check for trapped victims. Sources told FIRE that no one was hurt. Motorists below the motorway were fortunate that the accident hadn't happened 10metres previous to the location, as the falling cars would have hit the busy road below. 

Anti clockwise vehicles were forced to leave the motorway at the junction 26 off slip road, but immediately allowed to rejoin at the onslip back onto junction 26 - as the incident was between the two slip roads. Clockwise tailbacks to junction 24 at Potters Bar built up as people slowed down to view the scene. One of the cars had left the motorway and was embedded in trees on the embankment.


 Date posted: 10.12.10