confinedspaceOfficial figures have been published showing a decline in the number of attacks on firefighters in Scotland.

Scotland's Chief Statistician found that 80 incidents were recorded in the year 2012-13; a decline of 32% on the previous year.

Community Safety Minister Roseanna Cunningham welcomed the reduction, but said the figure of 80 incidents was "still far too high".

Protect the public free from harassment
The statistics published on the Fire and Rescue services also showed a fall in staff headcount of 31, about 1%. On 31 March 2013, total staffing was 8,964.

The report covered the final year of operation of the eight services before they merged to become the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Ms Cunningham added: "Our firefighters across Scotland do a fantastic job and should be able to carry out their duties protecting the public free from any kind of assault or harassment.

"Despite a drop of almost 30% in the number of attacks on service staff last year, any attack is utterly unacceptable and at 80, the number of incidents is still too high."