The Multi-Agency Rescue Scenario is a unique learning opportunity for all incident commanders and strategic decision-makers with a responsibility for emergency planning.

The exercise will be facilitated by experts from Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service using VectorCommand software and will be conducted in a secure and supportive environment. Delegates will be able to interact with incident commanders at Gold and Silver Command through a live video feed, whilst press conferences will update delegates on the unfolding scenario.

The Multi-Agency Rescue Scenario will run alongside a global strategic convention, 'Meeting the Ultimate Crisis Challenge: Creating a Common Operating Picture', featuring strategic level contributors from both sides of the border, including Peter Craig, the Chief Fire Officer of Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service.

Delegates will have the opportunity to attend the conference and view the exercise via live video feed where they will be able to pursue the following:

  • Observe a multi-agency response to a major incident and validate standard operating procedures to a protracted incident
  • Test Silver and Gold Commands at which emergency services and civil contingency agencies work together to address issues of such an incident
  • Allow strategic commanders to observe and comment upon decision-making and processes in a controlled environment unfolding during a complex and protracted major emergency incident
  • Test a simulated exercise to ascertain which methodology provides the best audit trail and learning outcomes 
  • Fully validate the standard operating procedures for your organisation
  • Facilitate a unique learning experience for strategic managers  
  • Provide the opportunity for external delegates to examine the procedures and decision-making processes involved in a major operational emergency and to interact with silver and gold commanders to tease out why, where and when decisions were taken
  • Provide a full audit trail and learning outcomes for delegates to assist in the formation of subsequent standard operating procedures.

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior and principal police, fire and ambulance officers
  • Emergency planning officers
  • Elected officials
  • Local government officials
  • Central government officials
  • Emergency service consultants and advisors
  • Incident commanders
  • Emergency responder agencies
  • Third sector and partner agencies
  • Strategic managers and leaders with an interest in emergency planning
  • Disaster management specialists.

Posted:14.34pm, 24.02.11