The IFE has been reviewing the process for Fellow applications and has designed a new application form for current IFE Member grade members (MIFireE) to progress to the next level.

Applicants for Fellow (FIFireE) Membership must hold up to date MIFireE Membership and will have demonstrated significant individual responsibility, sustained achievement and exceptional professionalism during their career.

Each applicant must demonstrate successful leadership and an outstanding contribution to the fire engineering profession over an extended period, not normally less than fifteen years. This experience can be demonstrated through the submission of a detailed CV or biography submitted with the application form - for more details click here.

Applications must be supported by two current Fellow members of the IFE. References for FIFireE applications can now be sent in by email.

Peter Holland CBE OStJ QFSM FIFireE, newly appointed Chief Fire and Rescue Adviser and Chair of the IFE Main Board said:“Colleagues please take full advantage of the opportunity created by the streamlining of the IFE Fellow application to encourage your Branch members who have contributed significantly to our profession to apply for FIFireE. There are a lot of people, both current MIFireE grade members and experienced fire professionals who really ought to be at our highest membership level. I do hope that you will take full advantage”.

IFE members wishing to apply to become fellow members of the IFE can download the application form by ‘clicking here’.

More details can be found from or you can contact the IFE membership team for advice on 01789 261463 or at