Auxquimia has attained the contract to supply London Fire Brigade with its firefighting and training foam requirements for the next two and a half years.
London Fire Brigade were looking for a cost effective solution to its firefighting and training foam requirements. The brigade required a foam solution which would extinguish both class A and class B fires. The second item on the Brigades agenda was to reduce their environmental impact, by having a single induction rate rather than variable 3 x 6% rate.
The Brigade set out a new requirement that the foam they were to purchase must be inducted at 3% in both Hydrocarbon and Polar solvent fires. Tests were carried out by the independent organisation, the Bureau Veritas against the strict requirements laid down by London Fire Brigade. After many tests, Auxquimia's products were duly awarded high marks on both their environmental impact and their capability to extinguish both class A and class B fires including polar solvent fires quickly. 
The company will now supply London with its award winning POLYFOAM 3/3 AFFF-AR foam. This product is a Class IA in Hydrocarbons and Class IB in Polar solvents, the product is also LASTFIRE approved as good with all three nozzles. This foam will be used on London`s front line pumping appliances, and their emergency response units. Auxquimia will also supply London Fire Brigade, as part of the contract, with SF-60 High Expansion and TF-136 Training Foam, both Fluorine Free foam concentrates.
Because the training foam is fluorine free, and has very low impact on the environment due to low COD and BOD levels, this has allowed London Fire Brigade to engage with the environmental agency, with the outcome being that they will now be allowed to start re-training fire fighters in the use of foam as a media to extinguish fires on several of their sites, something which has not been allowed for a number of years.
Speaking on behave of Auxquimia, Managing Director Mr. Antonio Acuna said: "It is a great privilege for Auxquimia to be awarded the contract to supply London Fire Brigade with their foam requirements. We are looking forward to building a lasting relationship with the Brigade. It is a great achievement for Auxquimia to be associated with one of the largest Brigade in the world. This achievement now gives Auxquimia a strategic footprint within the UK on which to build."


Posted: 08.36am, 16.05.11