Avon Fire and Rescue Service's Deputy Chief Fire Officer Jerry O'Brien was given a send- off in style as he retired from the Fire and Rescue Service.

Staff gathered for a sunset ceremony where the Avon Fire and Rescue Service drill squad presented Jerry with the service flag.

Jerry joined Avon Fire and Rescue Service in 2001 as Assistant Chief Fire Officer and later that year was appointed DCFO.

Chief Fire Officer/Chief Executive Kevin Pearson paid tribute to Jerry's commitment to AF&RS and presented him with a silver axe.

Jerry joined the Royal Navy at 16 and qualified as an all arms commando and parachutist, undertaking active service in both Northern Ireland and the Falkland Islands.

In 1985 Jerry joined London Fire Brigade, serving in a number of operational roles before being appointed as Divisional Officer and Head of Research and Development in 1997.

Members of Avon Fire Authority also showed their appreciation. Chair of AFA, Councillor Terry Walker, thanked Jerry on behalf of members and presented him with a certificate for 26 years and 11 months service to the Fire and Rescue Service.


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