Avon Fire and Rescue Service has received recognition from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) for its driver training methods and facilities. Following a three year assessment by the IAM, which looked at the way Avon runs its courses for firefighters and officers who respond to emergencies, the service is now fully accredited. It means the quality of its driver training courses meets the high standards set by the IAM. Training delivery, interaction with firefighters and officers on driver training courses and Avon's facilities were among the areas assessed.  

Avon Fire and Rescue Service is the fifth fire and rescue service in the country to receive the accreditation. Avon Fire and Rescue Service Group Manager, Rob Davis, said: "We are delighted to receive this recognition from the IAM and all of our drivers who complete our driver training courses can now benefit from IAM membership. 

"We hope this accreditation will also reinforce to members of the public that when they see a fire appliance responding to an emergency, they can be assured the driver of that vehicle is trained to a high standard and less likely to be involved in an incident."

Staff Examiner at the IAM, Andy Poulton, who assessed the fire service for the accreditation, said: "No emergency is so urgent that it justifies an incident. It's far better to arrive later on than not at all."

Peter Rodger, IAM chief examiner said: "We are pleased to be associated with Avon Fire and Rescue Service, and are glad to be able to recognise the high standards Avon apply in training their staff in this difficult area."  

Posted: 09.42am, 12.04.11