hantsjay Station Manager Jay Hounsell tells the story of how Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service achieved savings in their training:

The Challenge
Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service needed to give its 1,000 firefighters quick and easy access to essential training – without burning through their budget. Firefighters work long shifts and unsociable hours delivering a life saving service. Classroom training is sometimes difficult to run in this environment so using e-learning gives HFRS firefighters a just in time solution to their training needs.

The Solution
By delivering training online, HFRS Station Manager Jay Hounsell has found a way to provide tailored training to his team right when they need it. Each mandatory operational procedure is reflected in the online assessments that he has rolled out using Learning Pool’s platform.

Jay explained: “Learning Pool enables our firefighters to access risk-critical learning at a time that suits them and their daily routine”.

By using Learning Pool’s Dynamic Learning Environment, the lengthy and costly process of assessments being ‘marked’ by instructors has been removed and learners can receive their marks instantly upon course completion.

Using Learning Pool’s platform, HFRS hosts a total 66 assessments that have facilitated over 6,000 online completions by their firefighters. Over £7,100 has been saved in the Crew Commander Assessment—a saving of over £224 per firefighter in this one assessment.

High rise incidents present one of the most challenging operational environments encountered within the world of firefighting and require significant resources to mitigate even the most routine fire or emergency. Like other Fire and Rescue Services across the UK, HFRS are required to provide training in such scenarios to ensure the safety of their personnel and the public. E-learning and online assessments have proved to be a useful resource in supporting this requirement.

“The system is a good way to refresh personnel and is a good training aid”, shared HFRS firefighter Wesley Cook.

Business Results
By using images, demonstration videos and audio in the training Jay is bringing the learning to life and simulating real situations that firefighters will have to deal with.

Using Learning Pool enables HFRS to:
• Save time by delivering the training more quickly than he could with a traditional classroom approach
• Save money by eliminating the need for assessor marking, booking training rooms, and taking firefighters out of work during their shifts
• Achieve consistency by delivering the same training and assessment to everyone who takes the course
• Ensure compliance by reporting in real time as firefighters complete the learning
• Make the learning more accessible to his audience in and around demanding shifts
• Update the learning easily and cost effectively as new equipment is used and legislation changes.

Jay continued: “Learning Pool have been very supportive in the development of our e-learning and have answered any queries and questions promptly. This has assisted in our successful roll-out of the scheme which is now growing across the Fire Service”.

A Sharing Organisation
Sharing best practice whilst also saving money is at the heart of what Learning Pool is all about. This is what makes Learning Pool an obvious choice for its Fire & Rescue Service customers. An online internal community connects all Fire Stations – perfect for sharing ideas for learning content. HFRS are conducting their life saving work in a challenging financial climate and are including Learning Pool in their plan to deliver savings.

Top tips for rolling out online learning:
1. Gain the commitment, resources and most importantly, enthusiasm from the managers
2. Clear objectives that are achievable are a must (use the S.M.A.R.T. system)
3. Ensure the final product is bomb-proof! Test it, test it again and….test it once more before launch
4. User feedback is valuable so build it in from the start

Find out more about Fire & Rescue Service e-learning
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