The guidance document, produced by the fire service’s Kempston Green Watch team, provides the rural community with advice on how to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of either an accidental or deliberate fire.

Jamie Martin, Watch Manager for Kempston Green Watch said: “With over 900 agricultural properties within Bedfordshire, the crew felt this was a valuable project and spent time gathering figures from our own incident recording and statistics produced by the National Farmers Union (NFU).

“At this time of year, the number of fires we attend involving agricultural property and equipment rises. We know from incidents in the past that in addition to the loss of income that fire poses to the farming community there is also the loss of vital equipment that often can’t be replaced in time for when it is needed. We hope that this prevention advice will prove useful and protect local farmers and their livelihoods.”

PC Grant Hayes, from the Bedfordshire Police Rural Crime Team, said: “Bedfordshire Police and the Fire and Rescue Service work hand in hand to protect our rural communities. Together, with support from the Kempston Green Watch, we are able to help and prevent fires which threaten the safety and livelihoods of our residents.

“Partnership approach is so important in dealing with the issues which plight our rural communities and we are looking forward to working with the watch in the future.”

This project is supported by Bedfordia Farms Group.

The document can be found on our website here.