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Placing a premium on firefighter safety

Andrew Lynch


FIRE Editor Andrew Lynch highlights vital contaminants training to improve firefighter safety and appeals for further collaborative research on working in toxic environments.


There are a few notable issues in the fire world which transcend politics and unite factions, none more so than firefighter safety. As Fire Brigades Union General Secretary Matt Wrack appeals to fire and rescue leaders to support the union’s DECON campaign, which aims to protect firefighters from toxic contaminants, FIRE echoes his call for help ‘to get this training in front of all firefighters’ (see page 70 of September FIRE issue).

‘It is likely that contaminants have already taken so much from the firefighting community’, Matt reports, adding: ‘But with this training we can begin to fight back and improve safety for firefighters. And with the help of fire and rescue services across the country, we can go even further’.

The DECON training focuses on 11 easy actions firefighters can take to reduce their own, their colleagues’ and their family’s exposure to contaminants, including cleaning kit regularly and showering and changing before returning home.

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