borisboltThe Mayor of London joined London Fire Brigade Commissioner Ron Dobson in visiting members of the service volunteering at the Olympic Park today [7 Aug].

Commissioner Dobson praised the work of those Fire Marshalls who are commiting hours of unpaid time to help ensure the safety of London's Olympic venues describing them as "enthusiastic and professional".

His comments were echoed by London Mayor Boris Johnson, who described the volunteers role as "crucial" to the success of the Games before showing off his best Usain Bolt pose for firefighters.

London fire chiefs have also warned those going out to watch the Games to remain fire safe as an extra five million people are expected to visit the capital and massively increase numbers visiting pubs and holding celebratory barbecues.

Dobson added: "I'm as excited as anybody about the Games coming to London, it's a cause for massive celebration. We just want to remind everyone to use a bit of common sense, especially if you're having a few drinks. If you're tipsy after celebrating another gold for Team GB, it's much safer to get a takeaway, rather than attempting to cook or use the barbecue."

The Brigade's top Olympic safety tips are:
1)Grab a takeaway if you've had a few drinks - it's much safer than attempting to cook or use the barbecue
2)Keep barbecues well away from fences, sheds and trees and make sure they're completely out once you've finished with them
3)Don't use barbecues on wooden decking or balconies and never light them with fuel or petrol

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