The Mayor of London was joined by key Service personnel including Fire Minister, London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson and Fire Planning Authority Chairman Brian Coleman for the official opening of the new operations centre in Merton today [Feb 1].

Having taken a tour of the impressive new facilities, which replace the failed FiRe Control project, the Mayor described it as "a James Bond-style centre which will both save taxpayers money and ensure the safety of Londoners".

London's fire authority were able to strike a deal with the Department for Communities and Local Government which allowed them to take over the building and create savings of over £500,000 to the Brigade.

The Fire Authority Chairman said: "I am delighted we have been able to salvage this excellent facility from the wreckage of the regional control whilst saving money - this is a good deal."

Other occupants of the building include the Brigade's emergency planning team who co-ordinate emergency planning during London-wide incidents such as last year's snow and the Service's National Co-ordination Centre in order to bring national fire emergency planning under one roof in time for this Summer's Olympic Games.

Mr. Johnson added: "With the eyes of the world on the city this year, it is essential that we have the systems in place so that our response to any incidents will be quick and robust.

"The opening of this new operation centre is a testament to our commitment to deliver a fire service that London needs."




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Photos (clockwise l-r) Mayor Boris Johnson is greeted by the Commissioner and Chairman as he arrives; at the all new LFB Control Centre; before taking a tour of the Emergency Planning room; and finally talking to staff in the Control Room itself

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