Road safety charity Brake is calling on fleet managers to acknowledge and manage the risks posed by employing people under the age of 25 as professional drivers.

One in eight drivers is 25 or younger, but young drivers are involved in one in four crashes resulting in a fatal or serious injury. Because of this, employing drivers under the age of 25 comes with specific risks which every fleet should be aware of and actively manage.

In light of this, Brake is offering fleet professionals the opportunity to hear from academic experts and experienced practitioners on the risks associated with employing young drivers and how to manage them. Through its Fleet Safety Forum, the charity is running a "low-cost" seminar − Young drivers at work: risks and solutions − on 6th December in Nottingham.

Speakers will explain why young drivers are a particularly high-risk group compared to other at-work drivers, and how fleet managers can prevent young driver crashes. A best practice case study will show how one company has successfully introduced measures to mitigate the risks associated with young drivers.

The seminar will include presentations from experienced academics and fleet professionals, including:

  • Stephen Stradling, Professor Emeritus at Edinburgh Napier University
  • Scott Pendry, Policy Adviser for the Association of British Insurers.

Roslyn Cumming, Development Manager at Brake, said: "Younger drivers are statistically far more likely to crash than other at-work drivers. This seminar provides an excellent opportunity to hear from academic experts in the area about how to mitigate the risks associated with younger drivers in your fleet. I urge anyone working in the field to attend."


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