homesafe fire alarmCleveland Fire Brigade’s Community Interest Company are set to offer a safety alarm service that will give Teeside residents a direct link to a monitoring centre in case of an emergency, in what is the first for Fire Authorities in the UK.
HomeSafe has been launched by Cleveland Fire Brigade Risk Management and will provide protection for families, homes and small businesses, helping many of the regions more vulnerable residents to live safely and independently in their own homes.

“The health and welfare of our communities is at the heart of everything we do,” said Managing Director Ian Hayton. “Thanks to our expertise in community protection and our not-for-profit Risk Management company we can offer a very cost-effective and highly responsive service.”

All surpluses from CFB Risk Management’s contracts and services are reinvested back into projects that improve community safety for thousands of families in the Tees area.
HomeSafe uses the very latest technology, thanks to a partnership with leading providers Tunstall Healthcare, and is the most comprehensive package and the cheapest rate available in the region.  It provides 24 hour cover for 365 days of the year and CFB Risk Management has made a significant investment in monitoring equipment.
“HomeSafe  is available to anyone wanting to protect themselves, their family, home or small business,” added Hayton, “but we expect it will be particularly valued by older people wanting to retain their independence, anyone with disabilities, poor health or at risk of domestic violence or abuse. 
“Knowing that help is available quickly in case of fire, a fall, sudden illness, an unwelcome caller or any other emergency relieves a huge amount of stress and worry for people and their relatives,” he added.
HomeSafe operators will be alerted either automatically through the advanced safety sensors or they can be called by users from anywhere in the home by simply pressing a button. They will provide appropriate help  - from advice, medical support or an alert to a family member to an emergency service call.  All customers need is a working telephone line and an electrical socket close by.
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