The Chief Fire Officer of Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has joined a national call to make sprinklers compulsory in all brand new homes.

Nottinghamshire Chief Fire Officer Frank Swann believes that the number of people who die or are injured in house fires will be significantly reduced if automatic fire protection sprinkler protection systems are fitted as standard in all new-build houses and flats.

He has joined other fire and rescue services giving their backing to the National Fire Sprinkler Network and has written to all Nottinghamshire MPs to encourage them to support a call for an Early Day Motion tabled by MP Alun Michael.

Mr Swann is also urging local people to sign an online petition - - calling for Parliamentary debate on the installation of sprinklers.

A law has recently been introduced in Wales that makes sprinklers compulsory in all new homes and the petition is asking for the same law to be introduced across the rest of the UK. If 100,000 people or more support the petition, it will become a subject for debate.

"Fire can happen to anyone at any time and it has a devastating effect on families and communities," explained Mr Swann. "However, a lot can be done to minimise the risk. Smoke alarms give early warning and sprinklers will trigger automatically to control a fire until the fire and rescue service arrives. It's like having a firefighter ready and waiting in every room of the house.

"No-one has ever died in a fire when their home was fitted with a sprinkler system. The Welsh Government has recognised the importance of fitting sprinklers as standard and I want to see similar legislation introduced here."

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