Lynn Griffiths is the President and Founder of Carbon Monoxide Awareness - a registered charity - and founder of the national Carbon Monoxide Awareness week. Lynn and her children were poisoned by carbon monoxide (CO) for over a decade, and have felt the effects it can have on family life. Carbon Monoxide Awareness support those poisoned by carbon monoxide, their families and carer's. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Awareness is run completely by unpaid volunteers who aim to make a difference. 


During Carbon Monoxide Awareness week, a special event for politicians, housing, health and public service professionals was held on November 15, 2010 at the House of Lords. Graham Evans, MP introduced the event. Speakers included Dr Edward Walker, Associate Specialist who discussed the effects of CO on the brain; and Gary Oakford from Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service who discussed preventing unnecessary deaths and reducing health inequalities. After a Q&A session, President of the Charity, Lynn Griffiths closed the event.


In most cases of accidental poisonings, victims do not realise that carbon monoxide was being produced or building up in the air they were breathing. The older generation - those with heart and lung problems, pregnant mothers, unborn babies, and young children are all particularly vulnerable to carbon monoxide dangers, and this threat needs to be continuously highlighted. In addition, 97,400 (census 2001) children under the age of 16 look after their loved ones at home, and Lynn maintains that the National Curriculum could do much more to teach children about carbon monoxide as a key life skill.
Carbon monoxide-Awareness is keen to work with as many organisations as possible. To help make every area in the UK a safer place to live, Carbon Monoxide Awareness urges everyone to educate families all over the UK about the dangers of carbon monoxide.  


This year's Carbon Monoxide Awareness week is all about: "Working together to prevent injuries and deaths from the UK's most common poison during Carbon Monoxide Awareness week 2010." 

Date posted: 16.11.10