The charity Carbon Monoxide Awareness was formed in 2005 by Lynn Griffiths. Carbon Monoxide Awareness aims to raise awareness of various issues surrounding exposure to carbon monoxide,  the medical and para-medical professions, other emergency services, voluntary organisations, schools, and industry. Our overall aim is to reduce the completely avoidable burden of death and long-term illness caused by this common gaseous poison.

Cases of non-lethal exposure are routinely missed by hospitals, paramedics and GPs; sometimes with serious or eventually fatal consequences. With symptoms of low-level exposure mimicking other common ailments, a 'high level of suspicion' is often the most useful tool when attempting to spot poisoned victims. Carboxyhaemoglobin measurement (whether by blood sampling, co-oximetry or breath detection) is a useful tool but results must only be interpreted by those who understand how carbon monoxide behaves in the blood.

A multi-disciplinary approach is the only way to tackle this particularly dangerous public health issue. Awareness of the relevant issues is vital among everyone; from the person who sells gas fittings in the local DIY shop, to police who are called to apparently non-suspicious deaths - carbon monoxide is not routinely tested for at post-mortem.


Carbon monoxide awareness week starts the third Monday in November every year. The charity can send out copies of their award wining leaflet to anyone requesting copies. For more information please go to the charities website Medical information is available at Lynn Griffiths a victim herself of Carbon monoxide can be contacted directly on 07715 899296 or via email

Date posted: 12.01.11