Fire Sprinkler Week 2014The Chief Fire Officers' Association has announced that Jim Fitzpatrick MP will lead a 90-minute Back Bench Business Committee debate on Fire Sprinklers during the first-ever National Fire Sprinkler Week.

Currently in its first year, Fire Sprinkler Week has been established to raise awareness and understanding about fire prevention and control and will take place from 3-9 February with support from a number of key influential organisations including:
- National Fire Sprinkler Network (NFSN)
- Business Sprinkler Alliance (BSA)
- British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA)
- Local Government Association (LGA)
- Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA)

Listen to FIRE editor Andrew Lynch talk about sprinklers on BBC Radio Leeds ahead of Fire Sprinkler Week [3-9 Feb]

With research showing that the average cost of a fire in a domestic  property is estimated at £44,523, commercial fires cost more than £2bn to the UK’s economy every year and the Department for Communities and Local Government estimating that the cost of a fire fatality is £1.65m, Fire Sprinkler Week aims to improve awareness and use of fire sprinklers.

Ahead of Fire Sprinkler Week, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority has agreed to put funds towards the project which will see at least one high rise block in each of the five districts in Merseyside fitted with a sprinkler system.

Chair of the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority Councillor Dave Hanratty said: "Sprinkler systems will contribute towards fire-fighter safety as they can stop fires spreading and we will be supporting RSLs during the installation of the sprinklers. The benefit of sprinklers and the impact they have suppressing fires and limiting a fire spreading in a building is a topic I am passionate about."

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During the week, Fire and Rescue Services across the UK will be undertaking events to raise awareness of the benefits of installing sprinklers, and FRSs, CFOA and the other organisations involved in Sprinkler Week will be ‘tweeting’ facts about sprinklers.

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