olderOlder People’s Day 2013 was the biggest single day of engagement with older people ever undertaken across the UK, and CFOA would like to build upon this and drive forward the goals set out in the Association’s Ageing Safely Strategy.

As such, CFOA Director of Prevention, Protection and Road Safety Dave Curry has announced the first ‘Ageing Safely Week’, taking place from 29th September to 5th October. The week has been scheduled to fall around Older People’s Day 2014, which is once again being coordinated by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). This high-profile event, on 1st October, will see national partners celebrating the contribution older people make to society under the slogan ‘Full of Life’.

The risk of dying in a fire for those aged 65 and over is more than twice as high as the average risk for all ages. Across the country, fire and rescue services identify those who are most at risk in your community, and undertake targeted prevention and protection activities.

With an ever-increasing elderly population demographic – 23% of the UK will be aged 65 and over by 2035 – work with older people is an increasingly large part of fire and rescue services’ offering.

DCFO Curry said: “Although UK Older People’s Day is rightly focused upon celebrating older people’s achievements and contributions, we cannot ignore the fact that older people are most at risk of dying or being injured in a fire.

“CFOA’s response to this challenge is the Ageing Safely strategy, which sets out ways in which fire and rescue services can stabilise the number of deaths and injuries among older people over the next six years and better support those who have experienced fire.

“Alongside this we will now also run Ageing Safely Week 2014. Your support during the week would be welcomed. If you would like further information or would like to discuss the potential for partnership working and information sharing please email communications@cfoa.org.uk.”

For more information visit: www.cfoa.org.uk/18122