The Chief Fire Officers' Association Lead Officer for Sprinklers says further government "negligence" on automatic sprinklers will see "thousands more [people] to die unnecessarily".

Results of a research project undertaken by BRE Global on behalf of CFOA are currently being studied prior to the publication at the end of this year  but they have already evoked strong reactions among fire professionals.

Sprinkler lead Chris Enness said: "This latest BRE report has some significant new findings that can be used to support the case for sprinklers in certain types of buildings. The report proves that existing approaches are insufficient and so we challenge the Government to take this on board".

Staffordshire DCFO Enness added: "The original BRE report (2005) was fast becoming out-dated, particularly in relation to the costs of sprinkler systems and the economic cost of fire deaths and injuries. It was also being used to support the status quo and Government's reticence to embrace greater fire protection in the home, which in CFOA's opinion is wholly unacceptable. 

"To not action this latest report findings would be negligent and we would encourage the Government to lead with these changes. By simply changing the guidance that supports the current legislation there is the potential for hundreds, if not thousands of lives to be saved in the future.

"Doing nothing is not an option, not when people are unnecessarily dying in fires."

The report was funded by the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association and DCFO Enness will be discussing the BRE report in more detail at the BAFSA Fire Sprinkler 2012 conference on 15th November.

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