airwave floodsAvon Fire & Rescue Service’s (AF&RS) Chew Magna Fire Station is now protected against flooding as a result of a new partnership agreement with UK Flood Barriers.

While UK Flood Barriers was carrying out flood defence work in the village of Chew Magna, AF&RS allowed the company to use the facilities at the fire station to store their equipment. In return UK Flood Barriers agreed to fit flood defences and provide rubber bungs for the toilets to stop water getting into the fire station.

Station Manager Martin Collins said: “This agreement between AF&RS and UK Flood Barriers was beneficial to both organisations. We know that the area around Chew Magna is prone to flooding and have seen it occur in recent years.

“The new flood defences mean that in the event of torrential downpours and large amounts of standing water we can erect the barriers and inflate the rubber bungs to prevent water getting into the fire station. We are often called upon to assist the local community during outbreaks of flooding and these defences mean we can continue to operate and assist those who may need our help.

“I would like to thank UK Flood Barriers for their work and to reassure the local community that should they need us during a period of bad weather we will be ready to respond to all emergencies.”

Bath & North East Somerset Council, together with the Environment Agency, has been carrying out property level flood protection work in the village of Chew Magna.

In 2012 retained duty system firefighters camped out at Chew Magna Fire Station to prevent it flooding and to ensure they could respond to calls quickly during a period of heavy rain and flooding. They had to pump and mop out the station three times.