In his latest blog, Andrew Lynch, Editor of FIRE, discusses the upcoming and much anticipated event 'Reaching the hard to reach?'. Make sure you check it out at, or click on the blog link on the FIRE website.

Blog excerpt:

"Great news on next month's 'Reaching the hard to reach?' conference - we've secured the services of Kevin Pearson as Chair for the day. Kevin is the Chief Fire Officer/Chief Executive of Avon Fire and Rescue Service and is one of the Fire and Rescue Service's most effective champions of equality and diversity.

As well as staging a series of events in Avon over the years - including conferences on women leaders in the Fire Service and a memorable LGBT event a couple of years ago - Kevin has stood by his beliefs in the most hostile of environments. The local media undertook a sustained attack on Kevin, which he dealt with using a typical stoicism, never losing his strident belief in championing equality issues. I like leaders who can prove the courage of their convictions, and Kevin does so more than just about any other chief officer serving today."

Date posted: 09.02.11