Armor AP Glide Thermal LinerFIRE International reports as the Republic of Chile chooses Armor AP and Glide Thermal Liner, the high performance fabric brands of Safety Components as their fabrics of choice to protect firefighters within the South American country:

The Republic of Chile is served by approximately 40,000 volunteer firefighters and its central government has pledged to assist in the funding to provide firefighters with next level personal protective garments.

More than 6,000 of these South American firefighters will be donning the new Armor AP and Glide Thermal Liner turnout gear over the next three years. The garments will be designed and manufactured by Lion Apparel. The ensemble will combine an Armor AP outer shell, offering improved flexibility and enhanced heat and thermal protection with a Glide Thermal liner, for a cooler and more comfortable feel. More importantly, the gear weighs less, and will aid Chile’s firefighters to move quicker while reducing heat stress, as they do their part to protect people and property throughout their country.

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Chile is the only remaining all-volunteer fire services in the world – across the 311 brigades the only people in the service who are paid are the drivers, messengers and secretaries who work in the fire stations.

Miguel Reyes, president of the national firefighters’ association the Junta de Bomberos says it is the “only institution in which you have to pay to serve”.

They have recently tackled major incidents included 2014’s Valparaiso blaze, which affected more than 3,000 homes in the city.

Joey Underwood, Safety Components Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says the company is proud to support the country’s “proud tradition of volunteer service”.

“These volunteer firefighters are as well trained and professional as any in the world and, they too deserve the best in personal protective equipment. At Safety Components we listen to the fire service, and devote every resource at our disposal to improving the performance of turnout gear with our outer shells and thermal liners,” he added.

“Our entire team would like to salute The Central Government of the Republic of Chile, their volunteer firefighters and the team at Lion Apparel for their faith and dedication in our products.”

During the past 15 years Safety Components has led the fire service by developing more outer shell and thermal liner fabric innovations than any other textile company in the world. Safety Components’ outer shells contain a patented, durable, water repellent finish that offers safer, lighter, and dryer gear. These same outer shell fabrics also contain solution dyed fibers for the highest resistance to fading after thermal exposure.

Safety Components, Inc. (SCI) is the market leader in technology driven fabric solutions for high performance textiles. The main focus of SCI is to design and manufacture textiles for markets including: first responders (fire service, USAR & EMS), military, outdoor fabrics, aerospace escape slides, fuel cells, and automotive air bag fabrics. A division of International Textile Group, the SCI manufacturing facility is located on 22 acres in Greenville, South Carolina.

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