In April this year Cleveland Fire Brigade took steps to address customer service, community engagement and staff engagement in one go. As part of their strategy Cleveland became the first fire and rescue service to join The WOW! Awards. 

The WOW! Awards is an independent not-for-profit organisation that seeks to identify and recognise customer service excellence. Participants include Cadbury's, Scottish Power, Durham Police, Dyfed Powys Police and now Cleveland Fire Brigade.

The WOW! Awards enables people to say "thank you" for the service delivered by the men and women of Cleveland Fire Brigade and motivates employees who receive a certificate of recognition for great customer service, said Andrew Fisher, an Ambassador for The WOW! Awards. He added: "Nominating employees for The WOW! Awards is a very simple process and people like it because it is independent. It is a perfect fit for those involved in emergency services who deserve the recognition for the outstanding work that they do in saving lives and protecting people."

Andrew continued: "Bearing in mind the fact that Cleveland Fire Brigade has only been involved since April they are having unprecedented success. In three months they have had over 50 nominations. That is over 50 people who have gone out of their way to say 'thank you' for great customer service."

Examples of the nominations can be found at:, however the following is a typical example of the nominations the Cleveland is receiving:

Live and Learn Team
"For the work they do to raise the awareness of living safely with our teenage students year on year. They are inspirational, and we know thanks to them and their educational programme the lives of many impressionable young people are saved." Nominated by Lorna Mclean.

Each year The WOW! Awards assess the best nominations and hold an International Gala Award ceremony where those who have delivered customer service excellence are recognised on the international stage. This year Cleveland Fire Brigade has winning entries in three categories and they will be given the opportunity to tell their stories to a panel of judges later this year.

Further details on how to participate in The WOW! Awards are available from 


Photo: Kelly Reed of Cleveland Fire Brigade with her WOW! Award certificate for delivering excellent customer service


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