Closing the second of FIRE's health and safety roadshows from Birmingham, senior fire officer Bill Gough appealed for leaders to put the risks firefighters face into perspective.

As the final speaker at FIRE and Gore's regional seminar from Birmingham City Football Ground, Bill Gough said that firefighters are now well protected, largely due to the advancements made by manufacturers and researchers.

"I'm really concerned that we've been distracted by the risk averse debate," Mr Gough told attendees, suggesting that the most important point is being missed.

"The only concern should not be how much trouble I'm going to get into because it went wrong, but that somebody got hurt."

Seeking to move beyond the conflicted discussion regarding the "creeping culture of risk aversion", Mr Gough focused on differing perspectives on risk assessment, explaining who is responsible and what the role of employers and the Health and Safety Executive should be.

The next roadshow will take place at Old Trafford Cricket Ground on January 23rd 2012.


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