activescreenshotOver the last few days ACTIVE solutions has successfully launched to 23 fire and rescue services in the UK to launch CONNECT™ a single solution that links together all data and departments in one place.  

No longer do individual departments with separate workflow processes, and separate information systems need to remain independent from each other. Reduce the risk of missing vital pieces of information held in systems that are costly to run, inflexible, insecure and unable to integrate with each other. Dynamic information management is the future for a modern Fire Service if it wants to prepare for the full impact of budget cuts, stay ahead of the constantly changing demands within communities and local government and gain an holistic view of citizen interaction across multiple communication channels. 

As the outcomes from the Comprehensive Spending Review start to be felt all fire services in the UK need to start investing now to save later. ACTIVE Solutions Europe Ltd is responding to this need with CONNECT, which uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 as its platform to provide a single source of information that can replace multiple databases and systems from across key departments within the fire service, including Community Fire Safety, Technical Fire Safety, Fire Investigation and Operations. 
Steve Ainsworth, CEO at ACTIVE Solutions said: "ACTIVE has a wealth of experience within the public safety sector and CONNECT™ has been developed in response to our customers needs. Taking our knowledge and combining it with Microsoft technology we have created a single solution that will help fire and rescue services save money and most importantly save lives". 
Invited by Microsoft to be one of their twelve high potential ISVs, ACTIVE has now developed the first cloud based solution dedicated solely to dynamically managing information within the UK Fire and Rescue Service. 

Andrew Hawkins, director of Public Sector Solutions at Microsoft said: "Fire services provide crucial and valuable services to protect communities around the world. CONNECT offers an innovative way to help ensure these organizations have  the tools they need to complete all the functions of a modern day Fire Service."


About Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of simple-to-learn and use ERP and CRM solutions that work with your existing technology and scale as you grow to give you long-term value. By using software and online services that work the way people and organizations work, businesses are better able to make informed decisions and adapt to rapid change. Microsoft Dynamics helps your people be more productive and your investments in existing systems last longer, while enabling your business to derive the insights necessary to respond quickly and have a competitive edge in an ever-changing world of business.

About ACTIVE Solutions Europe Ltd

ACTIVE Solutions Europe Ltd focuses on Public Sector organisations, their customers, the lives they lead and the information that surrounds them. Through innovation we help organisations make sense of their data and connect with the people they serve.

The company applies three key values to software development to help them save money, make money, protect communities and the environment.  Founded in 1990 with ACTIVE Solutions Europe Ltd has 120 customers spread across the NHS, Emergency Services and Education markets.  European headquarters are located in Basingstoke, United Kingdom.

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