The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) claim they have been 'inundated' by crews furious about the lack of opposition to the cuts - especially in the wake of the civil disturbances.

It is estimated 6,000 frontline posts will be lost by 2014 - yet with crews having to deal with flooding, civil unrest and large scale wildfires in recent months, the FBU claims services will be stretched to breaking point if they have to contend with similar incidents with fewer numbers.

Andy Dark, FBU Assistant General Secretary, said: "Fire crews are angry and sickened by the silence on widespread frontline fire service cuts. We are already stretched and struggling and that will only get worse.

"It's not only civil unrest that highlights the problems. We've faced mass wildfires, terrible floods and freezing winter weather which stretched fire crews for weeks and even months.

"Claims that fire services can fall back on each other and pool resources don't stand up when the cuts are widespread. The overall pool of frontline resources is being drained away and it will get worse year after year.

"Pre-election promises not to cut frontline services have proved worthless. You don't get much more frontline than a 999 response and we're being cut to pieces.

"The police are facing the same issues, but at least this is now being challenged and there is public debate. Why is their silence on frontline fire service cuts and how does the government expect us to cope with far fewer frontline crews in the years ahead?

"We're over-stretched and struggling now when we have to deal with a whole range of major incidents. We'll be at breaking point when the cuts really bite over the next two years."


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