rose homesNovember 2013 marked a landmark in fire safety for Derbyshire, with the opening of Rose Homes, a Derby Homes property comprising of 25 one bedroom flats, all fitted with domestic sprinklers.

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service has been proactively campaigning for domestic sprinklers to be fitted into all new builds and retro fitted where necessary through its ‘Think Sprinkler’ campaign since January 2011. Working closely with local authorities, the Service agreed to provide match funding of £20,000 per authority for 2012, this would see domestic sprinklers fitted into the homes of those most vulnerable to fire. So successful was this match funding initiative that 9 of the 10 local authorities signed up for the scheme which was then extended into 2013/2014.

Derby Homes have been supportive of the ‘Think Sprinkler’ campaign since its inception and have been working closely with the Service to drive its success. To this end, Derby Homes have committed to fitting domestic sprinklers into all of its new build properties and retro fitting them into all properties where necessary.

Rose Homes is one of four projects currently underway by Derby Homes, three further developments will deliver a total of approximately 140 properties all fitted with domestic sprinklers, ready to protect both tenants and property for life. Derby Homes have enlisted a private contractor to install the sprinkler systems at a cost of £800 per unit; the lowest cost to date for fitting domestic sprinklers. This cost could have been reduced further, however to address the low water pressure supplying the area, specialist water tanks had to be installed to supply the sprinkler systems should they be activated.

Shaun Bennett, Director of Investment and Regeneration for Derby Homes said: “Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service and Derby Homes have worked together in partnership on promoting home fire safety initiatives for many years.

“Derby Homes is committed to making its tenants homes safe places to live and believes the cost of installing sprinklers represents excellent value for money, as well as investing in the safety of its tenants and safeguarding its properties for the foreseeable future.”

Sprinklers have been successfully used for the protection of property such as factories, department stores and shopping centres for well over 130 years and there is now a growing appreciation of their potential to save lives in domestic properties where the majority of deaths from fire occur.

Speaking at the opening of Rose Homes, Derbyshire’s Chief Fire Officer/Chief Executive, Sean Frayne said: “Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service has been working closely with Derby Homes throughout the ‘Think Sprinkler’ campaign. As the Chief Fire Officer for Derbyshire, I am honoured to be here today at the opening of Rose Homes; a property I am proud to say has been fitted with lifesaving fire safety devices – the domestic sprinkler.

“By fitting domestic sprinklers, Derby Homes is demonstrating true commitment to fire safety and protecting its tenants and its property from the dangers of fire, both now and in the future for as little as £800 per flat.

“I hope that I am able to endorse many more projects of this kind, both in the social and private sector, where domestic sprinklers are being fitted at time of build or renovation.

“Domestic sprinklers really are the way forward in order to protect our communities from the dangers of fire and fire deaths, but also a way to protect property from the devastation fire can cause.”

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service will continue to drive the ‘Think Sprinkler’ campaign forward and will continue to push for legislation that would see domestic sprinklers fitted as standard in all new properties.

Further information regarding domestic sprinklers and the ‘Think Sprinkler’ campaign can be found on the Service website