From this weekend [1 Apr] Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service have reduced the amount of fire appliances it sends to call-outs made by Automatic Fire Alarm systems in an effort to reduce the amount 'wasted' on unnecessary calls and increase the amount of time it has to deal with "genuine emergencies."

DSFRS will reduce the amount of fire appliances it sends to AFAs at domestic properties between 8am and 6pm each unless a fire is confirmed and will look to recover costs from repeated call-outs to false alarms caused by malfunctioning AFAs.

A spokesperson for the service said: "False alarms cause a significant drain on DSFRS resources.

"The service is committed to minimising false/unwanted alarms and thus reducing the number of unnecessary mobilisations and their consequential impact on service delivery, business and commerce."

The service has identified false alarms as a potential source of cost reductions with 94 per cent of the near 5,000 AFA call-outs they received from April 2010 to March 2011 proved to be false alarms.

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