sthelenaDisaster Management Planner
St Helena, South Atlantic

2 year FTC commencing ASAP
£55k pa taxable in St Helena



A sub-tropical island of spectacular and beautiful landscapes in the South Atlantic with a warm and friendly population of 4,000, St Helena is a self-governing overseas territory of the UK, poised for transformation with the imminent construction of an airport.

The airport will brings its own resources and plans; however it is vital that the emergency response to any major incident calls upon consistent and well-drilled actions from our staff and volunteers. Any major emergency at the airport is likely to be a national incident for St Helena, marshalling the island's total response capability. It is vital that we start to develop an integrated response to planning and development of our disaster management contingencies. A unified and seamless island-wide response plan is essential for the final safety accreditation for the airport and requires the ability to identify potential problems and steer solutions at an early stage.

This is an operational and practical post moving from setting strategy and developing policies, negotiating solutions at Director and PMU level to actually producing, delivering and exercising plans. You will be responsible for creating an effective set of resourced and practised contingency plans.

Developing close lines of communication, you will oversee implementation of the plan and operational guidelines, establishing a mechanism for ongoing monitoring and evaluation. Providing training for the Emergency Services, there will be a need to reorganise the Fire & Rescue service to meet new requirements, including the possibility of outsourcing. This is the opportunity to produce an integrated approach to public safety and future-proofing this expensive resource.

Your experience at senior management level within the Fire Service or as an Airport Fire Service Manager at a Category 6 airport or above should be supported by a good working knowledge of airport Disaster Management processes and systems. You will provide a crucial link between contingency plans, the emergency services and the airport team, reducing the risks associated with airport accreditation. Your professional and experienced advice will be invaluable as a long-term investment to save costs and you must have the talent to advise on areas for future development and training. This is a unique opportunity to leave a legacy that creates efficiencies and safety for generations to come.

We offer an extensive benefits package with 30 days leave pa and which may include a contributory pension plus generous income tax-free allowances for relocation, rent and utilities. An application form can be found at where further information can also be found, or you may contact Kedell Worboys on 0203 170 8705 or email:

Applications by 16th Novemeber 2012 please. Interviews will be held in London.