Aviva are looking for extraordinary people, who have made a difference and deserve to be recognised; in particular, those in the emergency services.

Big PictureLRGYou are the Big Picture pays tribute to the people who have compassion, resolve, determination, integrity and bring these qualities into the work they do everyday. If you would like to get involved in the project yourself, donate your picture and help children move from the streets and into school - because for every picture you successfully contribute, Aviva give £1 to the Save the Children charity, up to a grand total of £250,000. From 18.10.10, 2,500 pictures will be projected every night for the next week.  

If selected, you'll get an email confirming the exact date and time of your projection. It's a global campaign so there will be people who won't be able to see their projection in person. But each projection will be streamed live on YouTube (you'll receive the link via an email) and you'll get a photo of your image being projected onto these landmark buildings.   

You can upload photos of your entire team, or perhaps have a photo taken in front of your unit - the possibilities are endless! 

Once submitted, your picture could be projected onto a building in one of our six cities, in large format, as a small token of our appreciation. Look out for these expansive works across London, Paris, Warsaw, Mumbai, Delhi and Singapore and read about the stories behind the portraits on the website.

For more information and to donate your photo and story visit: http://www.youarethebigpicture.com/#/home