Dorset Fire and Rescue Service has joined forces with the British Red Cross in a hunt for new volunteers.

In 2010 Dorset Fire and Rescue Service and the British Red Cross launched the Fire and Emergency Support Service (FESS), based at Springbourne Fire Station. A lot of the volunteers for the FESS are also DFRS volunteers and now the service is looking to find some new individuals who are interested in helping both organisations.

Volunteers and Cadets Manager, Anne Newell said: "Dorset Fire and Rescue Service volunteers aim to reach those at highest risk of experiencing a fire, before they do. Our volunteers are a vital part of our efforts to increase our community safety activity, they go out into the communities which they live in and conduct fire safety checks in the home. This will include fitting or replacing smoke alarms, giving advice on the use of candles, unattended cooking, electric blankets, overloading sockets, chimneys, Low Energy Light Bulbs and much more."

She added: "We also call upon our volunteers to participate in many other areas of the service including station open days, community events and work we do with our partners across Dorset."

Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support Service Co-ordinator, Klara Downing said: "The FESS offers practical and emotional support to those affected by fire or flood. Using a customised vehicle that is complete with a shower, cooker, kettle and supplies, volunteers provide those affected by fire or flood with immediate temporary shelter. They are also able to provide spare clothing, food, toiletries, help in finding temporary accommodation and signposting to other support organisations that can help." 


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