"PINPOINT is the only integrated Home Fire Safety Check solution I know that reduces risks to our community and also saves us money - it's a real win-win for us" said Bob Ford, Head of Corporate Planning, Dorset Fire and Rescue Service.
The ChallengeDorset FRS found that time and resource was being wasted by not having a targeted and streamlined HFSC procedure which would reduce admin time and provide integration with existing systems. As well as needing to improve the process, Dorset FRS also needed a way of efficiently managing the HFSC referrals process.
The Solution Dorset FRS decided to purchase PINPOINT, a web based solution dedicated to increasing the impact of HFSC whilst making significant efficiency gains through innovation.
Linking multiple datasets (lifestyle, NLPG, HFSC and incident), PINPOINT provides Dorset FRS with station end access to data which identifies where the highest levels of risk are in any chosen area of Dorset. Incident data and HFSC data is automatically uploaded every night - so Dorset FRS have an up to date picture of risks and an early warning system to react to.
Operational crews also have the opportunity to access PINPOINT through MDT‟s, so they can target addresses whilst at an incident over a period of days.
A referrals module for PINPOINT was developed with Dorset FRS setting up a website portal directly linked to PINPOINT. Members of the public and community workers go onto the site and answer questions to see if they require a HFSC. A preliminary risk rating is calculated and the Fire Service can then decide whether to carry out a full HFSC or provide the user with fire safety advice.
The Result Dorset FRS are now significantly optimising their resources which has lead to an estimated saving of £325,000 per year and efficiency savings of 2 hours per watch per day. The admin time of creating jobs manually in other systems has also reduced by 38 hours per week.
Using PINPOINT has enabled Dorset FRS to reduce accidental dwelling fires by 11% and they have substantially increased the number of targeted home safety checks completed. As well as being able to see the impact of their work, Dorset FRS now has access to never before. 11% reduction in accidental dwelling fires, admin time reduced by 38 hours per week, efficiency saving of 2 hours per day per watch.
For more information contact: Christian Bowman, Marketing Manager. Email: christian.bowman@activesol.co.uk