helmetDraeger Safety UK has announced the official launch of its new HPS 7000 helmet for the fire and rescue industry, adding to its expanding portfolio of products.

In what has been a successful year for the Blythe-based manufacturer, following its recent Manufacturing Excellence Award win, the launch of the HPS 7000 demonstrates Dräger’s commitment to the safety of the fire service, offering an innovative new product that falls in line with the changing demands of the industry, where there is a greater emphasis on more efficient, economical and effective performance.

The new helmet offers protection all round a fire fighter’s head and face, protecting these vital body parts against a variety of impacts including sharp objects, flames and extreme heat and enabling them to enter hazardous and dangerous situations with complete peace of mind as well as optimum wearer comfort, thanks to the cutting edge technology at Dräger’s disposal.

Kevin Honner, Technical Specialist at Draeger Safety UK, said: “After 50 years protecting the fire service with our top of the range breathing apparatus and safety equipment, the launch of the brand new HPS 7000 to the UK market, marks the start of an exciting new step for Draeger Safety UK.

"We are committed to the safety of the fire industry and working with real fire fighters to trial the new helmet, we realised it was hugely important to design a helmet to fit all shapes and sizes, whilst keeping the individual safer, more secure and more comfortable than ever before.

"With fire fighter comfort at its core, the ergonomic design of the helmet is such that the individual can carry out the job at hand time and time again, without having to worry about its reliability.”

As the fire service today faces much tougher safety regulations in a climate of economic cut backs, the Dräger HPS 7000 has been designed to withstand the test of time, keeping fire fighters protected year upon year with its long service life and variety of applications, meaning a cost effective solution to fire authorities.

Kevin continued: “As one of the UK’s leading supplier of self-contained breathing apparatus, Draeger Safety UK is already trusted by fire fighters to offer them the highest quality in protection.

“One of the key aims for Dräger in the fire service is offering fire authorities a total system solution where the total sum of the parts equates to the safest possible solution for fire fighters. All the elements of the Dräger Protection System fit together with precision giving fire fighters the ultimate protection in every situation, whilst demonstrating cost efficiencies.

“Draeger Safety UK has listened to fire fighters and with the launch of our new HPS 7000 helmet, we are proud to be able to offer the fire service the best possible solution in terms of comfort and safety.”

The HPS 7000 is now available to purchase in the UK. To view the full product range from Draeger Safety UK Ltd, visit www.draeger.com