Ashley Theakstone MA CFIFireE, from the IFE East Midlands branch, gained IFE Fellow grade status in June 2013. After going through the process himself he felt that other members would also benefit from his experience and would find upgrading beneficial.

Ashley said: "Achieving Fellowship has been very worthwhile. You only need to look at the consultancy sector and/or international opportunities it can provide. Members’ success in achieving Fellowship is often celebrated and supported by their local IFE branch and their employer too. As a branch committee member I can assist MIFireE members with finding appropriate FIFireE (IFE Fellow grade) members to assist with references for the application process.

"Upgrading your membership should be something that all fire engineers consider during their careers. For example, Graduate members (GIFireE) who have worked in their field for many years are often eligible for full Member grade (MIFireE) membership. The level that you are working at now, not just your academic achievements, is considered during the application process and therefore lots of current IFE members could upgrade. If you have a query please contact the membership team who are happy to assist you with your applications."

Please contact or visit if you have any queries regarding upgrading your membership. If you are a current MIFireE member looking to upgrade to FIFireE please see for details, information and an application form.

FIFireE requirements:

Academic requirement  Other requirements: 
None. This has already been met by MIFireE grade.   • Details of two current IFE Fellow (FIFireE) members who we may contact as your referees.
• Your CV or detailed biography. 

If you are interested in helping your local branch please contact who will be able to provide further details.