East Sussex Fire and Rescue crews were called to a Brighton flat last night to bring two teenage babysitters and a toddler to safety.

FIRE Digital Editor, Richard Hook, was at the scene in Clarence Square when the fire crews employed a crane to rescue those trapped in the blaze on the second floor.

The fire was believed to have been started by candles but the firefighters had it under control within half an hour of arriving at the site.

Although the fire caused severe damage to the flat, all three people were evacuated safely and then treated, along with several police officers, for smoke inhalation.

Jon Hall, Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue CFO, commented on the rapid response of the team saying: "Well done old pals."

The East Sussex Fire and rescue Service were also in action earlier this week when they were called to a scene in Buxted after a cow had become stuck in a muddy stream. Their specialist Animal Rescue Unit came to the cow's aid as the animal was winched from the ditch to dry land.

Posted 29/06/2012 by Matilda Blackwell