ESCElectrical Safety First is the new name of the UK’s only charity focusing on electrical safety – a fundamental in today’s ‘wired world’.

Formerly known as the Electrical Safety Council or ESC, the organisation’s rebrand follows 18 months of extensive research and consultation, to determine how the public, industry, government and other stakeholders, viewed the organisation.

“Although we have run highly successful media campaigns, we found people were still unclear about what we are and what we do,” explains Phil Buckle, who has been Director General of the Charity since 2009.

“Some believed we were a trade association, while others thought we were a part of government. It was evident we needed an image which really mirrored our purpose and activities as a consumer charity – that we are here to protect people by providing advice and information and by campaigning for improvements to electrical safety.”

The name, Electrical Safety First, was chosen to highlight the importance of electrical safety for everyone, consumers, trade and government. It’s accompanied by a new visual identity, using clear, attractive and slightly retro images that will appeal to a wide audience. The design is streamlined and clean and aims to be as accessible as possible but always informed by the high level of technical expertise held within the organisation.

“Our rebrand as Electrical Safety First has nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with relevance”, adds Phil. “To fulfil our core objective – to protect people from the dangers of electricity – the public needs to know who we are and how we can help. I believe our new name and image help to do that, by reflecting our role as a consumer champion and ensuring that the charity is fit for purpose in 21st century.”

You can find out more about Electrical Safety First by clicking here