Find out more about becoming a registered Engineering Technician via the Insitution of Fire Engineers.

Look at the IFE's EngTech eBook on their website. See and also refer to the article in the October journal on pages 26 and 27. 

The article was put together by Ashley Raddon EngTech MIFireE, a Fire Protection Officer with Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service based in Plymouth, Devon. Ashley has been involved with fire safety since 1997 and became an IFE EngTech Assessor and Committee member of the Institution of Fire Engineers Registrant Group in 2008, which he continues to do so. He is also an IFE SW Branch Committee Member representing Devon & Somerset and Cornwall Fire & Rescue Services.

There are 3 pathways to becoming an Engineering Technician. To find out which is best for you and download an application form, take the IFE's online EngTech Self Assessment. This will take you less than 5 minutes to complete.

Ashley Raddon can be contacted on 01752 333622 and - please note this is a correction to the telephone number published in October journal.