Chief Fire Officers Association President Peter Holland speaks to FIRE about his pride in the response of firefighters to this week's rioting.

Chief fire officers' President Peter Holland said he was "immensely proud" of firefighters from around the country "who have been doing a fantastic job in the most difficult of circumstances".

He told FIRE: "Colleagues across the country have been providing support to those services badly affected. I pay tribute to the dedication and commitment of all our staff who have worked so hard to restore communities and maintain public confidence.

"I was particularly heartened to hear about one of our female firefighters who was on her way to her night shift on a London station when she had her motor scooter stolen by rioters. Amazingly and to her great credit she then travelled on public transport as she did not want to miss her shift.

"CFOA will be capturing lessons learnt to share with members which will underline yet again the critical role our Service plays not only in protecting our communities at a local level but also in assuring the resilience of our nation as a whole."

See September issue of FIRE magazine for full story.


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