Editor Andrew Lynch reports live from FIRE's second health and safety seminar from Birmingham City Football Club.

Following the first roadshow, held at the Hilton Hotel in Gatwick on October 19th, speakers will be addressing concerns expressed by delegates on health and safety issues in the Fire and Rescue Service, such as a creeping culture of risk aversion.

Seminar Chair Dave Matthews will be updating delegates on the lack of representation on CEN and ISO committees, whilst senior fire officer Bill Gough will once again be tackling the thorny issue of supposed risk aversion in the Service, challenging attendees to provide evidence of where this is coming from.

Dave Frodsham, Product Specialist at Gore, will be talking about how we measure comfort, thermal protection and what kind of information is useful, as he says that current standards do not properly address these issues. He will also look at sub flashover conditions which are not currently covered in standards.


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