In part two of our interview with London Fire Brigade Commissioner Ron Dobson, he talks about the future of the Fire Service College, Fire Futures and Olympic preparations.


FIRE: What is your response to the recent government announcement on the Fire Service College? 

RD: I have been a long-term supporter of the Fire Service College, which is in a unique and special position to support the work of fire and rescue services. I therefore welcome the work of the Local Government Fire Service College Working Group and the recent announcement by the government that they are keen to secure the future of the College.


FIRE: What are your thoughts on Fire Futures, the Fire Sector Partnership and the role London Fire Brigade could play? 

RD: I welcome any recommendations or proposals that give greater flexibility and autonomy to enable fire and rescue services to deliver their services in the way in which best fits their local communities. I believe that the London Fire Brigade and the people of London can only benefit from more responsibility and accountability being placed at a local level. I also believe that this provides greater opportunity to the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority to provide leadership the rest of the UK fire and rescue services. 


FIRE: How are preparations for the Olympics coming? Can you talk about any multi-agency work that is being done?  

RD: There is now less than a year to go until the start of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. A large number of our staff, including those who are part of our Olympics Project Team, are involved in plans to ensure that those visiting London and the Games are as safe as possible throughout the 64-day period that they are taking place. We are also working closely with key partner organisations, including the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) and we are leading on behalf of the other UK fire and rescue services from areas where Olympics events are being held.


FIRE: What is your reaction to the Health and Safety Executive's recent report on firefighter safety in London? 

RD: I was pleased with the many positive comments the report includes about our health and safety management system. The report does not call for any enforcement action and in fact the recommendations were described by the HSE as 'suggestions for continued improvement'. However, we will never be complacent where the health and safety of our staff is concerned and always strive to improve.

We met with the HSE in September to discuss our response and I'm pleased to say that they have now accepted our action plan.


See next issue of FIRE for an article from Commissioner Dobson on his response to civil unrest in the capital.


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