Kent's bluelight services have shown their ability to deal with a terrorist attack by staging a major security exercise at the Port of Dover.

Yesterday's [Mar 22] exercise, codenamed Exercise Dover Shield was organised by Kent Resilience Forum and featured staff, equipment and specialist vehicles from Kent Police, South East Coast Ambulance Service and Kent Fire & Rescue Service.

Steve Demetriou from Kent FRS told BBC News: "Everyone plays a part [in this type of incident] and it's important all the agencies can come together not just at scene but also with all the support arrangements in place at hospitals and survival reception centres to ensure a successful outcome."

The scenario involved Emergency Service's reacting to the detonatation of a 'dirty bomb', which exposed 50 border control staff to hazardous chemicals, after their minibus was stopped driving off a ferry.

Similar exercises have been run in London recently to test the Emergency Service's preparedness for possible terrorist attacks during this summer's Olympic Games - click here to read the full story.

Posted 23/03/2012 by (photo from BBC news)