Fire safety testing experts Exova Warringtonfire are the latest organisation to sign up as members of the Fire Sector Federation (FSF).

The FSF, which currently has more than 50 members, is a not-for-profit organisation which seeks to shape the future of fire policy, standards and strategies and to drive efficiency. It is made up by the merging of the Fire Sector Partnership (FSP) and the Federation of British Fire Organisations (FBFO).

Speaking about signing up with the FSF, John Wilcox, managing director for Exova Warringtonfire, said: "We believe our industry needs an organisation which has a strong, clear voice. As a leader in our field, we are supporting this initiative as a way of unifying our industry and making it more influential.

"The field of fire safety cannot be underestimated and we need to continually make our point about the importance of relevant policy, guidance, standards and legislation coming through from Government."

The FSF is interested in a number of key areas, including technical guidance, technology, workforce development, procurement and national policy.

Story posted by Robert Mair on 29/08/2012