Producing portable, instant advertising material for 68% of the World's top 100 Brands, by value, might seem like a not very good score if it were a school exam but, in the context of supplying the World's top brands, this is a remarkable achievement.

That EAS have been at the forefront of product development and printed material research for over 10 years as well as being represented in over 60 countries' across the globe could just be a contributory factor.

That we also produce Banners for 100's of charities and not for profit organisations, such as local authorities, is probably a good indicator that EAS have good value for money products too.

Primary Technology has enabled EAS to revolutionise quality print solutions for all client needs.

The same can be said for all EAS fabrics which are tailored for their specific uses, each undergoing a raft of specialist treatments and coatings using patented processes at our own factory.

So when we say we produce 'more for more', it's not to boast it's out of pride in what we do and that with every banner we make, in whatever quantity, we want to do the best job we can.

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