Asian Fire Service Association members were invited to the Naw Ruz Bahá'í New Year celebration on March 22, 2010. The festival of Naw Ruz marks the Bahá'í New Year, and to recognise the significant contribution that this faith group brings to the social inclusion agenda, the all Party Parliamentary Friends of the Bahá'í hosted a reception on March 22, at the House of Commons. It was an opportunity to acknowledge the work of individuals and institutions in UK society who have contributed towards the efforts to defend the human rights of the persecuted and those working to promote greater interfaith engagement, social cohesion and the equality of men and women. There was emphasis placed on the continued and unjustified persecution of members of the Bahá'í faith in Iran, the birthplace of their founder. Prominent members are currently being detained and charged with offences that could result in extremely severe punishment. The reception represented an invaluable networking opportunity and it is hoped that contacts made on the evening will lead to a platform for AFSA to engage with Asian and others with common interest at ministerial level.