Fire Minister Bob Neill has condemned former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott the damaging costs of FiReControl project, whilst Lord Prescott rounds on his former advisers in the Civil Service.

Fire Minister Bob Neill said: "John Prescott's FiReControl project is the latest in Labour's catalogue of costly IT failures. Not for the first time, hard working taxpayers are paying for Labour's inability to manage risks and control costs.

Responding to the critical comments by the Committee of Public Accounts, the Minister said: "I welcome this report which exposes the absence of basic project management and leadership for a major undertaking. Labour must be held accountable for this comprehensive failure."

Speaking on the Today programme, Lord Prescott said he has taken responsibility for the policy, but the Permanent Secretary needed to answer to the Committee for failing to disclose to ministers the true extent of the escalating costs.

He told listeners: "Ask the civil servants: 'why didn't you tell the minister it was going wrong and why did it go from £100 million to £500 million?'

"The taxpayers are entitled to know and the Committee needs to get that civil servant in and tell us why there wasn't information given to ministers to warn them of the scale of the disaster."


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