Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service has joined forces with Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums to help protect some of the region's most precious historical artefacts.

The successful working partnership between the two organisations now includes information and equipment designed to preserve the area's museum buildings, art galleries and their contents.

The fire and rescue service now has concise and up-to-date plans of each of the 12 buildings run by Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums. In the event of an emergency, fire crews have vital advance information about the layout of the affected building and details of what salvage equipment is available to minimise the effects of fire, smoke and water damage.

All fire crews carry equipment designed to help them deal with salvage operations. And each venue now has a salvage box containing plastic sheeting and other materials for firefighters to use should there be an emergency incident.

Work is also underway to identify specific items in each of the venues that are of such importance, appropriate steps should be taken to rescue them or prevent them from damage wherever possible.

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service hopes to use the partnership initiative as a model for working with other venues in the area, such as libraries and theatres.

Area Manager for Community Safety John Baines, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, said: "We have a commitment to protect the heritage of the region in which we serve and this latest development in our partnership with Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums increases the tools at our disposal to preserve these buildings and their contents.

"Our crews now have the information they need to assist them when dealing with incidents and to help improve the safety of the public and firefighters."

Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums is responsible for 12 museums, galleries and heritage sites; two of which are recognised as world heritage sites. It also manages Tyne and Wear Archives, based at Discovery Museum. It holds collections of international importance in archives, art, science and technology, archaeology, military and social history, fashion and natural sciences.

Iain Watson, Director, Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums, said: "As custodians of these museums and galleries it is Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums' responsibility to care for the collections so that they are available for future generations to learn from and enjoy, just as they are now by the millions of people who visit our venues each year. 

"Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service has provided excellent advice and helped us to plan for emergency situations."


Photo: Station Manager Ken Corbett, Watch Manager Steve Graham and Iain Watson


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